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Free Tips for Speaking test

Many of my students have scored above 6.5 in Ielts spealing because all of them were trained with appropriate tips and tricks.

You may access our speaking Mock test in just 550INR to increase band score. Here are some tips for speaking test :

  • Tip 2

There are no right or wrong answers in the Speaking test. The examiner will assess you on how well you can express your ideas and opinions.

  • Tip 3

It will help you to feel relaxed if you imagine you are talking to a friend. Remember that you are not being assessed on your opinions, rather on your use of English. At IELTS, we’ll tell you exactly how we assess you. We give you the marking criteria for the Speaking test.

  • Tip 4

Try to avoid repeating the words used in the examiner’s question. Use your own words, to show the examiner your full ability. So, when the examiner asks: “Tell me something about the city you live in,” it’s probably best that you don’t start your answer with “Ok, let me tell you something about the city that I live in.” That makes sense, right?

  • Tip 5

Speak clearly and at a natural pace. If you speak too quickly, you may make mistakes or pronounce words incorrectly. Remember, an IELTS examiner won’t penalise you for Speaking with an accent, as long as you pronounce you words clearly and correctly.

The examiner interrupts you during the Speaking test? Don’t worry.

Sometimes the examiner may have to stop you mid-sentence to ensure the test is fair for all candidates. It just means that you have spoken long enough! That doesn’t mean the examiner isn’t interested or isn’t listening to what you have to say. Remember, the Speaking examiner is there to support you to get the best demonstration of your language skills.

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